Capitalize full spectrum of R&S expertise - On demand

RaaS (‘Research as a Service’), founded and owned by Dirk Sosef, offers three compelling rationales for forming a partnership

Access to Research & Strategy (R&S) capabilities while maintaining flexibility

  • Until now, only Europe’s largest Industrial & Logistics (I&L) developers/ investors had the capability to navigate the complex currents of the market with a heightened level of confidence
  • Capitalize on all R&S benefits, both internal (e.g. strategy, house views) and external (e.g. capital raising, papers, pitchbooks). This allows organizations to create a competitive advantage and capitalize on the benefits of being a Thought Leader
  • The value of partnership drives smarter decision making/grab opportunities today and capitalize the trends shaping the future. Armed with this enriched perspective, organizations are better equipped to assess risk factors and identify hidden opportunities
  • Opportunity to have in-house R&S capabilities while maintaining a lean organization structure, ultimately saving time and effort.

Access to experienced I&L partner

  • Over 10 years of experience within Pan-European I&L sector with a deep understanding of demands/requirements of (potential) investors and tenants and how to communicate this
  • Proven creative and pragmatic approach to position the fabric of the company off the beaten track.



A wide range of partnerships possible

  • They can vary from one-off projects to continuous in-house R&S services
  • Partnering on R&S creates efficiency gains as it allows other teams to focus on their core competencies
  • Partnerships are anchored around trust, open dialogue, flexibility and a clear understanding of needs.


Your Partner

Dirk Sosef is an expert within the European I&L real estate sector for over a decade. Served as the European Head of Research & Strategy within Prologis from 2011 to 2022, a division of the world’s largest industrial REIT. Acted as the Head of Research within CTP from 2022 to 2023, a Top-3 developer and long-term investor of Europe.

The primary responsibility in both roles was to combine market data with local expertise, delivering actionable insights to secure a competitive advantage and capitalize on the benefits of being a Thought Leader. Throughout his career with Prologis and CTP, one of the main activities was reaching out to (potential) investors to raise capital by conveying the message of what’s shaping the I&L sector today and in the long-term. Regarding tenants, the main responsibility was to enable the company to gain a deeper understanding of their current and long-term strategic priorities to develop a futureproof portfolio.

Internally, the primary responsibilities involved earnings preparation, setting up a house view on key I&L metrics and defining the company’s strategy.


  • Well-connected and respected within I&L market; 
  • Strategically driven with a creative and pragmatic approach; 
  • Ability to quickly build trust-based relationships with stakeholders; 
  • Engaged and curious professional with strong interpersonal and intercultural skills; 
  • Holds a Bachelor degree in real estate and MRICS qualification. 


Partnership offers 3 flexible R&S solutions

Retainer: Continuous          in-house R&S services

  • Onboard an in-house R&S expertise on a flexible basis (‘x’ hours/days per week)

  • Ability to immediately execute on a wide range of internal / external requests



Everything traditional in-house R&S teams cover

Internal: expand market intelligence via house views, market trends discussions, competitor tracking, etc

External: position as Thought Leader via presentations, white papers, blogs

Recurring: Quarterly reporting services

  • Coverage of all (recurring) market related presentation materials

  • Improve quality via dedicated and experienced partner
  • Improve efficiency within the organization as the rest of the organization remains focused on its core responsibilities




Earnings reporting

Board materials


Market scan

Tailored: bespoke product services

  • Delivery of specific R&S needs
  • Project basis


Predefined research topic

Annual report

Strategy discussion and paper

Investor / client event presentation

White paper

Capital raising

Scan largest players I&L market

References of key responsibilities:

  • In collaboration with Strategic Capital/IR Teams, actively raised capital for the European Prologis funds. This involved preparing all market-related materials and having numerous investor presentations and discussions.

  • Consistently reaching out to tenants involved being a member of the European ‘Customer Advisory Board’ (CAB) at Prologis and conducting many weekly client meetings to support the Business Development teams at CTP.


  • Developed CTP’s 2030 Strategy Paper which covered business model, strategic pillars, market allocation, competition analysis and many other features shaping the company’s future.


  • Published multiple white papers to unwrap and position emerging themes. Selection includes: CEE, a business smart region, market update for Annual Report (pages 68-73), carbon footprint (online) retail (in collaboration with MIT) and Europe’s most desirable locations.

Europe’s most Desirable Logistics Locations

Source Prologis Research

CTP’s Business Model

source CTP

Carbon Footprint (online) Retail

Source: MIT, Prologis Research